Looking For a Building Space

All Wired Up – Team 8057 is currently looking for a permanent location for our clubhouse/building space.

Thanks to the generosity of the City of Groveland we are currently using space in a city building for our robot build workshop. This space is only temporary, however, and is limited.

We are looking for a space that is preferably low-cost or donated in-kind for our use. Fully, or partially, donated space cost can be written off as a tax deduction through our partner, Mom’s Guide to Robotics.

We would prefer the space to be located in the City of Groveland, but will consider anywhere in South Lake County.

Our team doesn’t require anything special, just a basic space.

  • Basic Requirements:
    • 900-1500 square feet (1300 SF is the ideal)
    • Air-conditioned/heated
    • Cable-access ready (for internet)
    • ADA compliant
    • Restroom(s)

If you are aware of any such space, please send an email to AWURobotics@gmail.com.